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The String Program is made available to beginners with an interest in studying the violin, viola, or violoncello. Students are presented with a historical approach, organized into a four-level course of study. Each level highlights a specific genre of repertoire, namely, that of the Medieval, High Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical. This guides students through the forms of notation, starting with Gregorian  nuematic notation, and proceeding through renaissance mensural notation, finally arriving at standard modern notation. The Guidonian Solfege system is heavily employed throughout. This has proven to be an accelerated approach, enabling students to grasp musical concepts quickly while developing strong sight-reading skills and broader hearing.


Students are given the opportunity to perform in a recital at the conclusion of each level. There are two recitals per nine-month school year (September - May). The first is at the end of the fall semester (Winter Recital) and the second at the end of the Spring Semester (Spring Recital).



Winter Concert & Student Recital 2017 Program and Acknowlegements

Summer Camps

Our camps have proven to be an effective way to launch students into string playing. In our experience, students have mastered in a couple of weeks what normally would take them the majority of their first semester! Each camp lasts two weeks (Monday through Friday) and is best suited for beginners.  Registration for Summer 2019.


Tuition per camp: $425

June 17 - 28

Weekdays from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM



 Tuition for the string program is $280.00 each month for every nine month school year, beginning first full week of September and concluding at the last full week of May. Cost covers two (2) sessions per week. These sessions consist of either two (2) 45-minute individual private lessons, or one (1) 45-minute private lesson and one (1) 45-minute ensemble class per week, excluding regular holiday weeks.

Holiday weeks are as follows: Thanksgiving week (week of November 26th, a one (1) week break) Christmas/New Years weeks (the week of December 25 and the week of January 1st, a two (2) week break) Spring Break (Houston ISD school calendar, a one (1) week break) Thus, over the course of a nine (9)-month school year each student will receive a total of seventy (70) classes over a thirty-five (35) week period.

This is not a “pay by class” program. This program is a carefully developed nine (9)-month, two (2)-semester course of instruction. Each student is assessed and instructed to reach his full potential as a musician. The instruction builds on itself and oftentimes involves other professional and accomplished musicians and teachers who are hired for their time and scheduled at the beginning of the year. The school year tuition cost is minimal and is divided over the course of a nine (9)-month period. By receiving instruction the student is signing on to a nine (9)-month course of instruction. (Though this instruction can be terminated at either the teacher’s or parents discretion at any time, the guidelines for such termination are outlined bellow.) 

Cancelations and Make-Ups If a student or parent misses or cancels a class for any reason, there is absolutely no guarantee of that missed class being made up or refunded. (Though in this circumstance the teacher is not held to any rescheduling, make ups, or refunding, the teacher may at his own discretion reschedule, refund or make up the missed class) If a teacher/instructor misses or cancels a class, he will be obligated to make up that missed class at his next available opening. There are no refunds for the missed class; it will only be rescheduled. (As the teachers/instructors usually have very tight schedules, they may not be able to reschedule within that same month. A make-up will be given within the school year and be kept on record).

 Early Termination If a student or parent for any reason wishes to stop receiving instruction before the end of the nine (9)- month school year, they must notify the teacher/instructor one (1) month in advance and the student’s tuition costs will be discontinued at the conclusion of that months notice. Any notice less than a month will not be reimbursed for any reason. If the teacher/instructor finds significant reason to discontinue giving instruction he must notify the student or parent one (1) month in advance. Only the remaining month’s tuition will be charged for instruction received during that remaining period.

 Materials Cost The materials included with tuition are as follows: One (1) student binder containing five (5) dividers, one (1) marker, and (1) pencil bag All sheet music and paper If a student parent looses a student binder there will be a $15 fee charged to the following months tuition invoice to cover the expense of a new one. The following materials will be needed throughout the course of the year and are listed bellow with ballpark average retail costs. These materials can be purchased through the instructor. Violin rosin: $5.00 Music stand: $50.00 Violin Strings: $25.00 per string. (At least one (1) set of four (4) will be needed over the course of one (1) year, not including accidental breakage and the like). Instruction Books: $8:00 a piece. (An average total of 3 books will be needed over the course of one (1) year.) Accompaniment fee (for performances) Oftentimes students will play solo pieces with an accompanist in at least one (1) – two (2) performances a year. Each student will get at least one (1) rehearsal with the accompanist prior to the performance. The average cost for accompanists is $50.00 - $75.00 per one (1) performance.